Create Community

Browse, heart, and clone other projects and components

What is the Create Community?

The Create Community is a place where you can find inspiration, discover components, and share your creations.

You can explore the community here:

  • Inspiration: See what others are making and get ideas for your own projects.

  • Components: Find ready-made components that you can use in your own apps.

  • Showcase: Share your latest creations and show off your skills.

Key Features:

  • Profile Recognition: When you share a page, it will show your profile image, the spec, and the history of the project.

  • Support Creators: Heart ❀️ to support the creator and help others find the project.

  • Build and Customize: Tap "Make it yours" to build on top of a shared project or grab components for your own use.

How can I share my Community page?

  1. Click "Share": At the top of the builder, click the "Share" button.

  2. View URL and Preview: You'll see your project's share page URL and a preview of your project.

  3. Edit Profile: To change your profile picture and username, edit your profile.

What projects are available in the Create Community?

All free or Pro tier projects and components are public to the community by default.

If you're on a Business or Enterprise tier plan, your projects and components are private by default and won't show up here (see plan options, or upgrade to Business).

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