Secrets are available inside Functions. To add a secret, first create a Function.

Secrets allow you to store API keys, passwords, and other sensitive data for use in your project.

Once you add a secret, it is available to all Functions in your project.

How to add a new secret

  1. Once inside a Function, click on “Secrets” in the side panel to the right

  1. Click “+ Add a new secret” to enter your new secret value. Name your secret something recognizable like “Stripe API Key”. Then add the secret value. Unsure of what to add? See examples below.

  1. After you save your secret, assuming you named it well, you can now write your prompt using the API or service name. Create will automatically connect your secret. Imagine you stored “Stripe API Key” as a secret. Now, you can make a function with the following prompt. `This function takes in a user email. Looks them up as a customer in Stripe. If they are a subscriber, give them 1 month free.` You can just reference Stripe in your prompt. Create will know that you need “Stripe API Key” to access the Stripe API and it will use that secret in the Function - without exposing its value.

What kind of secrets can I use in Create?

Create's Secrets Manager allows you to securely store and manage static keys for your applications. These static keys can include:

  • Basic Authentication Credentials: You can store a username and password as a secret.

  • Bearer Tokens: You can store a bearer token as a secret.

Note: OAuth tokens are not directly supported because they expire and require the user to re-authenticate in order to refresh them. Please note: databases made in Create are not yet secure for storing OAuth tokens.

Where can I find my API key?

Create’s Secrets Manager can store any static key. So you can store API keys, client ids, client passwords, access tokens, and more.

Here are some popular APIs that require API keys with links to documentation on how to get your key. After you have your key, name your secret like the example shows:

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